How many love lines do you have on your hand? Therefore, the line of marriage according to Palmistry is called a line of attachment or a line of love. practice and keen observation, years of experience, and analytical skills to explore the true stories of anyone's life - past, present or future! Read your marriage line, and life line. Nitin Kumar Palmist . Newer Post Older Post Home. Love Marriage Line in Female Hand | Happy Married Life by Dream and Palmistry on. To assess these qualities, the life line, head line, the fate line and the heart line of both are to be examined. Although it is called so, the love line actually is the heart line, which is an indicator of how we would fare in the matters of heart. Faint Marriage Lines. Effect of Marriage line on married life If the marriage line is straight or slightly curved towards Heart line [Fig 2], the person will enjoy good married life. Palmistry Reader In Urdu Hindi || Palmistry Marriage Line Love Or Arranged. Lines that meet the Marriage Line, but don't cross it, indicate children that will be born into the marriage. If the line is deep and clear represents the strong and positive influence of the spouse. The number of lines shows a number of people whom a person has relationships with or will have in future. Broken lines and cuts on it indicate tense relations. A blog about to learn online free palmistry in hindi, hast rekha, and lal kitab ke vashikaran totke. prone person. The Marriage line, or as it is sometimes called, the affection or relationship line, refers to the circumstances regarding the person’s love life. The higher this line is, the more passionate, and oftentimes jealous the person is. It’s not really possible to tell from the line if the marriage will be arranged. Discover Chinese palmistry basics with palm reading hand pictures for the palm's lines' meanings: the love line, life line, fate line, marriage line... Palmistry, the study of the palm, is mainly to observe the palm's shape, color,and lines as well as the length of the fingers. Learn palmistry in Hindi, palmistry marriage line, love marriage line in female hand. Palmistry Marriage Lines Female Hand | Marriage Line For Girls. A healthy color, indicates much love and compassion for partner. Hum Najoom, Hamzad, Jinnat, Jinn, Makhfi Uloom, Wazaif se lai ker Health tips aur Islamic Information, General Knowledge, Accounting, Urdu Informations, Sub Kuch is mai cover karne ki koshish karte hain taa k har qisam ka visitor hamari videos se mustafeed ho sake. If this is raised, good relations with spouse & friends. A straight and long marriage line indicates a long and deep love. Line on the left say that the events will occur outside the family. Some people have several marriage lines but that does not mean that they will get married to many people. 2) Which way to start count is not yet clear. Depending on how big the fork is at the end of the marriage line denotes the magnitude of trouble in his or her marriage or love life. Marriage Compatibility and Love Life in Palmistry. The other lines indicate love affairs which will not culminate into marriage. Reading marriage or love on the palm. Indications of successful marriage life. (fig-2A) After the Joining point if the Fate Line is broken and weak or cuts by influence line then it is possible that Love Marriage may end in Break up or deception in love… If this is raised, good relations with spouse & friends. The number of the marriage line differs with different people. Luxury and the comfort of physical things are life's If the line reaches at the end of palm then one do get physical if there demand is not Among them, the line which is strong and long represents marriage and the other lines represent love affairs. Anam … indicate extra relation or affair. Here are some signs and clues which indicate love and romance see them on your hand, Mount of Venus lies at the base of Thumb.

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