Even though both are basically the same item (except that works for different mobs), both work totally different when related to durability: •Warped Fungus on a Stick has 100 durability and only consumes 1 durability point by usage, Carrot on a Stick on the other side has 25 durability and consumes 7 durability by each usage. I also think loyalty could work,but idk. It'd be amazing to show support for the LGBT community by giving all users a rainbow (flag) cape on June 28th, the day the stonewall protests took place which started the Pride movement. The pig will gradually eat away at the stick's durability, leaving a regular fishing rod when the carrot is eaten. Slower flight speed, inflicts jump boost 2 on the player until barb is removed. The more you use a carrot or fungus on a stick the more eaten the food looks before breaking. They can be tamed with raw rabbit, chicken, or rotten flesh. A caged owl will be useful for travelers. The owl will guide you back to its home point. Pigs aren't as effective or fast as a Horse and you need a Saddle for both anyways so... Why not? This structure has loot and skeleton spawners scattered around the area. For bug reports, lag, and rendering issues, please use bugs.mojang.com! It is more beneficial if you use a carrot on a stick as it has 25 durabilities compared to the warped fungus on a stick with 100 durabilities. These have a 3% chance to drop from dirt, sand, clay or gravel mined at any level. The more you use a carrot or fungus on a stick the more eaten the food looks before breaking. Carrot on a Stick's durability should work the same way as Warped Fungus on a Stick. A Sparkler is a chemistry-related, Education Edition-exclusive item that emits particles when lit. Minecraft Data Pack Similar to sweet berry bushes in contact mechanics when placed, but also prevent teleportation when in contact. Also, note that this Data pack only works in 1.17 snapshots, it contains the new /item command, and no there is no way this can/will work on older version/non-snapshots. The second idea involves the new block/object- Cage. This means that your view is slightly obscured and if you swim in lava during the last few seconds of the potion you still take a bit of fire damage. I had 2 of my dogs die in 5 seconds from walking off of a drop. Anyway, that's all I can think of. Thank you for reading this, feel free to add on to this idea in the comments! If they go out at night, they return during the day, and overall generally stay around that area. If you give a piglin an Emerald, they get angry and throw it back at you. Thanks for suffering through my wall of text and have a great day! There are some ore deposits scattered around as well. The Fishing Rod must be undamaged, or else the crafting recipe will not work. (Create a base similar to beacon, but from purpur blocks to extend the range by 5/10/15m. The light level is what it is supposed to be based on other items and wearing it would be the solution for surviving ghasts in the soul sand valley, and Finally, I think melons are a suitable nether food because they are one of the worst food items in the game so they would not make the nether that much easier especially with the only way to find them is going into the most dangerous biome in the game. Wood (60 durability points) 5. When crafting 4 cocoons together in a crafting table or the 2x2 inventory slot alone, they can make 1 slimeball, and when smelted in a furnace, they produce cooked lungfish. Minecraft Wiki Guide. In exchange for them not following or sitting like a traditional pet, they should hang around where you tame them (Roughly an 80 block radius). ), -Spawns infrequently (too many owls would just be weird lol), -Shy/Hard to approach without seeds (similar to how ocelots used to be tamed into cats with fish) -Tamed and bred with seeds (not sure what kind at the moment), -Occasionally "Hoo's" when monsters are nearby (doesn't scare them off though, only acts as an alert that monsters are nearby which would be a cool mechanic in itself), -When untamed: sleeps during the day unless approached (flys away unless player is still and has seeds). -New items that would come with this mob: Cage: A cage can be placed in the world and can hold a tamed owl if you don't want them going anywhere (Another use in the tamed section, too) To get an owl into a cage, you right click them with it in your hand. The fence is for the llamas to be attached to. They follow the player and attack very inconsistently. Maybe the beige terracotta block would be a lot lighter than the regular beige blocks like concrete and wool. Note: Right now only the Minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick works with the NBT Data, this is because it has click detection. So would be interesting to see Carrot on a Stick working the same way as the Warpee Fungus one, and would add consistency between the items. This curse would make an item impossible to take into other dimensions from where it started. This Carrot On A Stick Minecraft Items was remixed by Hulking Sailboat. The Carrot on a Stick requires a Carrot and a Fishing Rod to craft. Awake and active during the night, -When tamed: follows the player or remains in place like most tamed pets, -6 health points (3 hearts, same as parrot). As it stand, fire prot potions prevent you from taking damage from fire or lava, but there's still fire over your player. I would imagine the mechanics and coding behind this would be similar to that of tropical fish, although it may be slightly more complicated if the Developers were to include the biome aspect. Minecraft Banners can be placed sideways to make them look like flags Banners can be placed sideways to make t... Minecraft Servers Lasagn [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelisted}{1.13.2}{Recent Reset} Lasagn [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whi... Minecraft I Made a Frog Eat a Bee Using Flying Machines I Made a Frog Eat a Bee Using Flying Machines It... Minecraft My Island Settlement My Island Settlement Los Santos in Minecraft I decided to revisit a... Minecraft Give the end levels Give the end levels A new Nether mob "Zombie Piglin Seeker" that... Minecraft Naming a fox "Mozilla" will set it on fire. Carrot/fungus on a stick eaten as durability decreases (Sprite change) The elytra has the functionality of sprite changing when durability decreases and could be neat for other items. When the carrot on a stick is right-clicked, a quarter of the durability will be spent, and the pig will temporarily double its speed. Claimed nests have eggs in them, there is a visual difference between claimed and non claimed nests. They would be all over the bastions decorating the structures, on the entrances, on top of the chests, on the treasure rooms, I think this would fit really nicely, and would give some consistency as well when considering the Illager Banners back on the overworld! If the axe hits a mob/entity/ not a block, it will fall until it hits a block, and will then lay on the floor similarly to how tridents do. It also would have a chance of breeding with another trader or a villager, in which case the mate and child would also have friend status. so i think that carrot on a stick should have 100 durability like warped fungus on stick and each boost should cost 5 durability (basically not changed) Invite friends to see your creations and custom mods. If you try to go through a portal, it pops out of your inventory. EDIT: And ifI accidentally hit my friend, they all attack him. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Tamed owls will make a distinct/frequent sound to warn of monsters nearby. Basically whenever the Carrot On A Stick is missing 25% of its durability, it changes to the “carrot_on_a_stick_1.json” file. There should be glass doors, they would be asthetically pleasing. A tamed owl should be closer to a tamed ocelot. To balance out how useful they are, long range enemies will shoot at them if they are not occupied by anything else. Okay, so does anyone know if this is a bug or an intended feature: after using the carrot on a stick with the same fishing rod a few times, the whole item breaks when the carrot is "consumed" completely instead of reverting to a fishing rod. Forum HTML Image Link. This is a great way to find your base (If you set your owl's home point to your base), or bases (if you have multiple owls) if you get lost without having to use maps, dirt poles or compasses. Similar to grass paths with a shade of stripped oak on grass nylium paths would look similar to their stripped wood counterparts and have a light shaded texture for pathways. Cobblestone (132 durability points) 4. I might send it to the feedback site if a lot of people like it :). After all, I do hope you could leave feedback in the comments. The primary use for the fishing rod is to catch Raw Cod, Raw Salmon, Tropical Fish, and Pufferfish from any body of water. They can also be used for their own form of jack'o'lantern as well as being able to be used for pumpkin pie. This would be a friendly reminder that that's not the currency they use, the piglins would see emeralds as an inferior currency. About 2 months ago . And one more thing, despite being fish, they don't suffocate on land; I'll get to what happens to them on land later. Show Less. Get spurs, carrot and enchant if u plan on using ur mount lots. The durability of materials from strongest to weakest is as follows: 1. 419 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Oct 10, 2020 . Can be used as ammo for bows and crossbows. Lobbing I let's you throw an axe by holding right click for 2-3 seconds, and you can throw it 10 blocks with a little bit of inaccuracy. Alternatively, you could use a scoreboard objective to test for whenever a knowledge book is used, but that would be harder to make work for multiple different right-click detecting items, whereas the above method can use different recipes for different items, although the scoreboard method might be useful if you want to give the item a durability level. In Java Edition, the drowned mob has a 3.75% chance of spawning with a fishing rod equipped. You also might get things like feathers and saplings. Here are some image/video references, along with the variation name in-game: Spotted (West African): https://alchetron.com/West-African-lungfish, Marbled (Marbled African): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marbled_lungfish (second picture), Dark Brown (Olive South American) https://youtu.be/O7MddYCxpqs, Yellow Spotted (Grey South American): https://bluegrassaquatics.com/south-american-lungfish-regular.html. Pretty much everywhere but underground areas. Also the carrot on a stick, spurs and enchant are worth it for 40 mount (riding enchant cost about 5 1/2 gold wich was easily spared. After all, the only aquatic creatures the update actually added were dolphins and turtles. To use a carrot on a stick, the player must first saddle a pig, and ride it while holding the carrot on a stick. It would be really useful in building things i suppose, since it can be used to build interiors. They have 10 hitpoints (5 hearts) of health, are 2 blocks long, and are 0.25 blocks tall and wide. Even after the update aquatic, I've always felt that Minecraft lacks aquatic animals in certain regions. It could have its own variant of a pumpkin seed to make things easier for players who wish to use a lot of albino pumpkins. I know this steps on the tridents toes a bit, but I think the tridents and axe both needs buffs, and this idea just came to mind randomly and I thought it was cool. And lolz, get like lvl 2 gloves and boots for ur +speed so u dont hav 2 spend g … The point of this is to give travellers who run out of food a food source that is although somewhat unreliable, can help prevent starving. Now the only limitation to these two variables - “damage” & “damaged” - is that they only work on items that have a durability bar. Invite friends to see your creations and custom mods. [Blocks & Items] currently carrot on a stick is useless and broken item, useless because pigs are slow when ridden and broken because ironically you can't break them. © 2009-2020. 3x3 of barbs will make a Barbed Bush. [Bug MC-105049] - Infinite Durability for Carrot on a stick [Bug MC-106117] - Clouds flicker between different positions when spectating minecart [Bug MC-107638] - Baby Zombie Villager Voice sounds deep as adult version [Bug MC-108319] - XP orbs sound effects mostly play high pitch sounds This was actually going to be an electric eel suggestion, but after doing a search that's been suggested quite a few times and mostly with the same mechanics. Make Piglin Snout banner generate in the Bastions Remnants. Also, the nausea effect's duration should be based on the hunger the food eaten restores, and the effect's level should be based on the saturation the food gives. Let me know what you think! Which is also how real owls owned by humans act. Would be a comically alternative even though more risky, but if a player wants to travel the World dashing on a Pig... Then let they do it! Durability is a property that affects all tools, weapons, and armor, as well as certain other usable items. The pig then moves in the direction of the carrot. Maybe there can even be a new mob similar to the iron golem in strength that will toss you out or even kill you if you enter the structure at day. Nests can be placed in the world or used as furnace fuel. Surround an eye of ender with Barbed bushes to create a Teleportation Obelisk. Also, if the player holds a carrot on a stick, all nearby pigs follow the player. (Same as arrow for despawn timer) Entity destroyed by coming in contact with water or lava for quick removal. This will keep the trader safe and let them sleep. Unlike the banners on the Pillager Outposts that have each their unique place, on the Bastions, they would just be all over the place, one here, another there, to fit that "messy" and "remnant" feel the Bastions have. Anyways, here's my pitch: Lungfish are a passive mob that spawn in rivers and ponds in swamps, jungles, savannahs and deserts only in blocks which are not directly exposed, making a naturally spawned lungfish rather rare. Similarly to taming dogs or cats, if you save it from zombies a couple times it will show, instead of hearts, keys symbolizing trust above its head. Eating while submerged in water causes nausea. They come in different colors and variations; those spawning in deserts and savannahs come in spotted and marbled variations, while those in swamps and jungles come in dark brown and yellow spotted variations. If a carrot on a stick or a warped fungus on a stick is used to the point of zero durability, it becomes a normal fishing rod. Carrots on a Stick should work of horses Holding a carrot on a stick while riding a horse should grant the player’s horse additional speed and jumping power. Iron (251 durability points) 3. Minecraft carrot on a stick Poxelprinter. A thrown axe will fall if it hits a non wood block, otherwise it will embed itself, again similarly to thrown tridents. There is also no way to cancel their aggression except sitting them down for five minutes. I just think it would make Minecraft have a bit more of a personal touch and discourage people from just killing traders for leads. Minecraft Naming a fox "Mozilla" will set it on fire. As for their colors, the banner would be black and the snout would be white, that would fit nicely with the blackstone and basalt blocks that compose the structure. advertisement. This would be a balanced addition and allow for nether farming I made some concept texture on how it would look. This will make so that you have to fight through The Boneyard at night. It represents the number of useful actions an item can perform and depletes upon item use. Concept images (the bulk of this post so please read) https://imgur.com/a/Qykd0ao, feedback post: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360067875072-Ghast-Melons. If you want to improve performance, you could first only check for a slot with a carrot on a stick and execute a function from there, which checks the durability dependent on that slot. Items have higher durability if they are made of stronger materials. Minecraft Honey blocks and slime blocks should stick independently of each other, Minecraft Piglins should occasionally dance if the Pigstep music disc is playing near them, Google, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States. Minecraft Carrot on a Stick's durability should work the same way as Warped Fungus on a Stick 4:15 PM. It is 1.5 blocks tall. Minecraft Data Packs Minecraft but everywere you left click with a carrot on a stick THERE IS TNT!!!! Share your thoughts on graphics issues like lighting, animations, colors, textures, icons, and effects related to graphics. I wanted to add to it and say that if you were to buy all items from the trader, it would have a chance of becoming a "friend". What I expected to happen was: When the carrot on a stick is nearly broken and I sit on a non-boosted pig and right-click with that carrot on a stick, ... From MCP 9.35 for Minecraft 1.11: ItemCarrotOnAStick.java. "Minecraft" is a trademark of Mojang Synergies AB. Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta • Carrot on a stick, Shield, and Shovel now lose durability consistently • Light propagation now works correctly, fixing hostile mob spawning • Water can now be collected from Bubble Columns using a bucket • Creepers no longer lose aggro immediately after losing sight of its target

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