Same-Day Edit

The Same-Day Edit Package is our most popular and awe-inspiring package.

This cinematic package includes all-day video coverage, from the time you start getting ready, to the main events of the reception. We capture your day candidly to preserve its natural flow, yet, still your story in a captivating way. Our Same-Day Edit film is shown at the reception on a 100 inch projector screen for all eyes to see. Every film is personalized to each couple, as every story is unique with attention to detail is first and foremost.

The Same-Day edit package also includes full documentation of the ceremony and reception from multiple camera angles, so nothing is missed and you receive a full suite of video.

Your Same-Day Edit, ceremony and reception are exported to DVD with custom menu and labeling. The Same Day Edit is uploaded online for easy viewing and sharing.

Your Same-Day Edit will have your family and friends talking for years. As you approach each anniversary, being able to look at all of the sights and sounds within your creative video, is something you will cherish forever. We look at our films as investments, as they only gain value over time, and it is one of the easiest aspects of your big day to plan. Our hassle free approach allows you to enjoy your day with the peace of mind that everything will be captured without worry. Same-Day Edits are not only a great way to preserve your memories, but "wow" your guests who were unable to attend the ceremony portion of the wedding. A personal favorite not only to couples, but to Kinetic Visuals, and where we feel we shine.

Same-Day Edit Package Includes:

  • Same-Day Edit Wedding Film
  • Full Ceremony (real-time) Edit
  • Reception (main events) Edit
  • Same-Day Edit Available Online
  • Lead Videographer
  • Assistant Videographer
  • Projector and Screen provided to present your Same-Day Edit
  • All-Day Coverage
  • Personalized DVD Menus and Labeling
  • Unlimited DVDs. All of your family and friends can have a keepsake of your special day
  • Unlimited Locations. We'll follow you to wherever you are going on your big day
  • Raw Footage Available. We offer all of the unedited footage from the day on a flash drive
  • Same-Day Edit, Ceremony and Reception available on flash drive.