I'm so glad you decided to come for a visit. So, I decided to paint the bottom ones black and white on top. I applied it on the top of a heavily used dresser and it was dry to the touch within minutes! I have (clear) waxed my old white after 4 coats of paint and now its all turning a yellow color. Because you can use Annie’s Lacquer for exterior use- it can be used in bathrooms. I hope this helps! I love how this bank of drawers turned out. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Thanks for your comment!!!! And when you are ready to use the Lacquer and take the lid off, use a stir stick to gently …and patiently mix all the good stuff together. They are now all painted in Annie Sloan Old White, lightly distressed and sealed with clear soft wax. Jul 22, 2017 - Explore Marla McIntyre's board "Annie Sloan Kitchen Cabinets", followed by 145 people on Pinterest. The varnish is quick drying, non-toxic, low odor, and non-yellowing. Go to them with your questions and project issues. This will only happen over wood cabinets or floors and not on every species of wood (mostly pine, oak, and mahogany). Something to understand when using Lacquer is that it does not want to be back stroked. They used 2 coats, no wax and the color was rich and warm. It really depends as far as the number of coats. Always be patient when mixing your Lacquer! Debbie-I haven’t had this problem. We Used A Mix Of Picture Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White Kitchen Cabinets. I liked your black make over also, and how you let the under color show through. Thin uniform applications are extremely important over dark colored paints! CLEAN UP OF ROLLERS:Wash brushes/sponge rollers thoroughly in water. It is impossible for any water-based varnish (Annie’s Lacquer is a varnish) to yellow. So, if you are about to start a project- like literally…right now are going to use your Lacquer, stop reading and go flip your can over upside down to help get the flattening agents dispersed. A full strength coat helps to guarantee that the amount of flattening agents will be consistent throughout the project, therefore the sheen level should also be the same. I have also received feedback that some have started with a 1 to 1 mix (paint with Lacquer) ~ then applied a second application with less paint mixed in or NO paint mixed in. I REALLY LOVE THE COLOR, I have a question for you , did you paint your counter tops, the color blends sooooooo beautifully . Lacquer shrinks down into the surface as it dries, pulling any tannins and bleeding stains with it. Step by step guide to painting on laminate with Chalk Paint® The first step is to clean your cabinets. (Sorry to write this, but I want you to be happy with the products performance and urine can be acidic.) If it does- then you may want to consider sealing your floor first with Zinsser bullseye Shellac. It actually a lacquer that dries in 10 minutes and is as hard as nails. I think it may be my favorite part of the whole kitchen re-do. The one thing I would like to share – that is a bit awkward though to write about- is when using Lacquer on bathroom floors. My daughter has painted a table with the chalk paint and there are spots on the top of the table that have chipped off. INCREDIBLE!!! So please stay tuned for that. I would hire you in a nano second! Sort of like painting a wall red. Please read this post HERE on using Shellac. NO! 17 ... do not sand them. 1 can of Chateau Grey Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: $35 (did not use a whole can) Annie Sloan Lacquer: $54 (only used half) Valspar Translucent Glaze in Mocha: $15 (used very little) Cost to have them professionally painted: approximately $2000.00 (paid $4500.00 for all cabinets … The countertops are the last thing that will be updated. Annie Sloan Matt Lacquer gives a very flat finish. Flattening agents can appear a bit sludge-like. Also, do you have any tips for that roll up door? Here is a link to my Facebook page=>. It was one of my favorites to date. Then seal with a thin coat of wax? I was thinking of using AS floor lacquer as a final coating on my cabinets? Want to visit us in person? Cheers to you and yours, Jeanne your kitchen looks fantastic! Annie’s lacquer is ring resistant- meaning it can tolerate hot cups. As far as getting a smooth surface with minimal brushstrokes, after your first coat thin your paint down a bit with water. & how’s the wax holding up are my ?s. Using Chalk Paint® on floors Chalk Paint® can transform old concrete and wooden floors, even if they’re varnished. Whatever your motive for repainting your kitchen, there’s no reason to suffer a colour palette you don’t love! Stunning Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White Kitchen Cabinets Picture of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Painted. The friction created by the back and forth motion of the brush can ‘wake up’ some of the underlying paint. What a transformation! DO NOT STOP HALF WAY THROUGH A FLOOR:  Always work off your wet edge when applying Lacquer. Whatever your reason, it is best to not exceed adding more than 20%. Note that the thick stuff at the bottom of the quart is the flattening agent, and that needs to be totally incorporated …So, be patient and mix it well….which if yours has settled, could take a good ten minutes. It is advised to add about 10% additional water to your FIRST coat only. I even tried to put on a polyacrylic (no yellowing) and it is actually more yellow. DRYING TIME: (HOW LONG TILL I CAN WALK ON IT?). The lacquer … The Purple Painted Lady® is always here to help her customers! It is impossible for any water-based varnish (Annie’s Lacquer is a varnish) to yellow. Often customers will state after the first coat they see some slight lines in the lacquer if using a roller, but after the second coat is applied- it looks wonderful. : (  Do yourself a favor and don’t do it. The 750mL containers will cover approximately 200 sq ft the 1000ml was specified to cover 100 sq ft. (I know what you are thinking, less Lacquer but more coverage…but that is correct). I love the transformation but I’m just now learning about watering down the last coat for a smoother finish. Clean. So that’s it. Customers have stated that the Matt will be fine to use without applying Gloss first. Floorboards are often old with no previous known history of exposure to varnishes, spillages or stains. . As promised in my last post, I’m finally going to reveal my Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It’s most noticeable when using lighter colors of Chalk Paint®- like Old White, Purple White or Original White. It will get the flattening agents at the bottom of the container loosened a bit! ... For sealing, I recommend Deft Spray Clear Wood Finish in satin. LACQUER CAN CAUSE PAINT TO DARKEN SLIGHTLY: The Lacquer when applied properly, will slightly darken the color beneath it with a matte finish that has a slight sheen to give it strength. Buy your Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan from us! This one was the first one I took the time to […], […] click here to see the finished kitchen […], […] First up…these boring oak cabinets transformed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. . DIFFERENCES IN THE 750mL vs 1000mL Lacquer Container: Painting floors and floorboards is easy with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan! The more water that is added to Lacquer the lower the sheen level becomes because the flattening agents are dispersed over a greater volume of product. I’m sure you have one happy homeowner. Love the touch of distress. I have painted my furniture with the AS chalk paint but not kitchen cabinets. In the end ALL paint will eventually chip (in my opinion) so having touch up paint available is key. Just add paint to the Matt Lacquer and mix it really well. USPS 1-4 Day Priority Mail. I have to admit that while I was happy to see this project come to an end. I like the smooth look for the kitchen. If using for OUTDOOR...it is best to wait 14 days after final application AND....make sure you covered 100% of all surfaces...including the bottom of the feet or beneath the piece. It really shouldn’t matter if you dampen your brush first when using Lacquer. Annie Sloan recommends testing several different areas of the floor to give a better estimate of its condition: some areas may have different stains or additional water damage.• Once dry, apply a coat of Chalk Paint® Lacquer to each of the patch test areas. We suggest adding about 10% water to your first coat only. To create this effect, it contains a flattening agent to disperse reflected light and cut out the sheen. I have a lot of cupboards 36 and 24 drawers. They turned out beautifully! IF USING LACQUER OVER A DARK COLOR PAINT? I have love working on kitchens. I’ve seen blue, pink (see photo to right), and yellow undertones in the wet mix across different product lines. I wanted an off white color and I feel I got burnt cream. For the first coat of the Lacquer application, adding 10% water to the Lacquer is advised, but if you are in a state or place that is extremely dry…for example, like Arizona or Utah, we can understand why you might need to add a bit more to adjust. Always apply lacquer in thin coats. Do you have cabinets you’d like to have painted? It would take me forever to wax and buff all of the kitchen. Nov. 19, 2020 from 7pm to 9pm. The paint I used. If you are within 1 hour of Fairview TN, email me at farmfreshvintagefinds@gmail.com for pricing and details. Sometimes even creating the illusion that the wash has come off. I have a lot of cupboards 36 and 24 drawers. However, on second thought, knowing how much dust black shows, decided that I could only paint the bottom ones due to health concerns that wouldn’t allow me to climb on the cabinets for cleaning on regular basis. If you can find a better deal let us know and we'll match it! I came across your site and just have to say … WOW! Annie Sloan products are made to work together and do so beautifully. Give the Lacquer a couple of days before the kids ride the big wheel across it too and again, DO NOT DRAG furniture. I used Annie Sloan"s paint for a dresser I did today and then put the dark wax over it. I love the big photos too , Looks great Beth! An average coating needs to dry 1- 2 hours BUT if it has been rainy or damp where you live- this will take longer before another coat can be applied..  Do not try to rush it. This is the really important step. They look awesome. What a great turn out. So, please feel free to share your photos and a little write up by emailing them to Trish at takuntz@rochester.rr.com! I mean who needs all these choices anyway!? I also teach classes on how to use the product and do different finishes for a stockist in Wisconsin. The 750 ml containers will cover approximately 204 square feet (depending on how porous the surface and how thickly the lacquer is applied.) Her countertops are formica and are going to be replaced soon. However,… ‘resistant’ doesn’t always mean ‘proof’ …as in alcohol proof or like water proof…….. even resistant gives way from time to time … just ask my Spanx. Great job. I realized that Annie Sloan made a specific chalk paint lacquer that you can use on floors as a sealant on top of the paint. However if you use wax you can simply apply more to the scratched area, wait for it to dry and then buff lightly. This can happen when applied over new unsealed pine/ oak floors or old floors with broken down polyurethane top coat. Just what I bought to redo my walnut stain cabinets and although a bit nervous, seeing how beautiful yours are makes me a bit more excited. have you run into this? Stop by the shop this week to find our last fall s, Y’all! “She’s my, Are you a furniture painter, maker, creator or fin, Please excuse our mess, while we get a beautiful n, Getting our candle fix ready to ship out next week, Made some fun sweatshirts today. We encourage you to experiment.. This means- do NOT use Annie’s Lacquer. As for buying any of the products we mentioned earlier in this post- I hope that you select The Purple Painted Lady. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you have wood stained cabinets and you want to lighten your space and use ASCP, I’d consider Pure White or Old White. Annie Sloan Lacquer is a clear water based varnish that comes in both Gloss and Matte. Make sure to know if the previous poly is water-based or oil-based? Love the makeover Beth. Just to recap you can read more about how to paint your kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan and the step by step process here, here and here. Any suggestions? If you own a container of Annie’s Lacquer and are reading this prior, as in literally- you are going to use it NOW…..stop and flip the Lacquer upside down and let it sit like that the whole time you read this! You did an incredible job … love the distressing, too! So in yesterday’s post I left you standing in Home Depot crying out for help not knowing which stain to choose to stain my concrete floor. Does the chalk paint show a lot of brush strokes because I like cabinets to look like they are sprayed? his can happen when a painter tends to over brush the Lacquer during application to get a ‘nice, smooth look’. Well done. So I decided to try Annie Sloan’s chalk paint on our cabinets. Tiered Tray “Cookies & Milk” Workshop in our Macedon NY Location ….Thursday. APPLYING THE LACQUER OVER A PREVIOUSLY FINISHED FLOOR? 3. => Annie always recommends doing a test with your Chalk Paint® Lacquer to each of the patch test areas. OR- another option is to  have one person roll the Lacquer on using a roller, and another person go back over it immediately with Annie’s 2 inch Paint Brush . If using in a bathroom environment, always wipe up standing water from shower or bath. (please LIKE my Facebook page by clicking on my business name to the left). I love what you did, wish mine were turning out so nice. ANother reason for adding a bit more water, is that whatever you are working on – is very porous surface …like concrete…….or perhaps, it is just your personal working preference. And- it is my paint sales that keep me in business and allow me to be here to help you. Often you will get a white haze – professionals call this “flashing.”  Moisture and humidity can cause hazing, blushing and Whiting. If you build up a nice, durable wax finish from the start, you will likely not have to re-wax your kitchen cabinets for at least a few years! The lacquer will give you a very durable scuff resistant finish. Have a wonderful week. This shouldn’t really matter, though, because if applied properly the milky appearance and any undertones should disappear once dried. Mine were done about 2 months ago have 2-3 coats of paint with 2 coats of clear wax. Finally the new couch is unwrapped and in place! I am going to have white subway tiles as my back splash. Recruit some strong help and carry or lift pieces into place. Now I don't like how the sides of the dresser look. You’ve given me some inspiration to re-do ours! I need simple friends. I love the end result and can only imagine how happy the homeowner must be. 1006-Annie Sloan Lacquer Gloss - 750mL (Interior and Exterio Annie Sloan GLOSS Lacquer - Both for Interior and Exterior Use! Leave it overnight to “cure” before walking on it. It’s been over four years since I first painted my kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan Paint. Use our tool, How To Use a Projector to Transfer an Image, Painting a Union Jack with Chalk Paint®- Correctly, Difference Between Annie Sloan’s “White” Chalk Paint® Colors, Differences in Annie Sloan’s “Grey” Chalk Paint® Colors, Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint®- Tell Me All About It, The Purple Painted Lady Chalk Paint Mixer, http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Purple-Painted-Lady/291882785710, the coverage per square foot has increased. Annie Sloan Lacquer is a great topcoat choice for floors, dining room table tops, furniture or cabinetry with glazed finishes. It dries quickly – but allow your floor or furniture piece to cure overnight before using. Steel Wool- Make Your Piece as Smooth as Glass. I recommend this too if you have a wood floor.). You will want to consider applying Zinsser Bullseye Clear Shellac over it prior to painting and sealing it. Annie Sloan Lacquer is a clear, matte, water-based varnish for painted concrete and wood floors. Wash techniques are created by mixing water with the Chalk Paint®, making the paint translucent. Hi there, I am a little late to the conversation, but I am just now looking at Annie Sloan paints as an option to paint my oak cabinetry in my kitchen and three bathrooms. When you apply Chalk Paint® Lacquer to a surface it can draw out old stains from your flooring, through the Chalk Paint®, and mar your finish.• To test the flooring, apply two coats of your chosen Chalk Paint® colour in a few small areas. Nice job. BTW, my island is now RED and I love it…will probably leave it in red ~ it will be OK since I am a Georgia Bulldog fan!! This will leave the lacquer with a clear and smooth appearance after it has fully dried. There are loads of people who do […] =>    KEEP IN MIND…..as with any matte finish product, it is recommended that you use a gloss finish first , then apply the matte when going over darker colors. our MAIN STORE at 77 West Main Street in Macedon, NY 14502, 3200 West Ridge Road in Rochester, NY 14626 (The Shops On West Ridge). if painting over an old wood floor, you may want to consider doing a test spot painting and sealing the floor in an inconspicuous area to confirm that the “strong penetrating Lacquer” does not pull up wood tannins or yellow hues up through your paint – especially is using a “white” Chalk Paint®. Now you have a “new” to you kitchen! Here is how they turned out. I buy them from my local stockist, with no discount. Yours look fabulous. I thought it was about time since it’s only been complete for at least 6 months now. For kitchen cabinets, you will want to do this once more 24 hours later. You. I want to paint my ceramic floor in the kitchen. Ok…….here we go! It really shouldn’t matter if you dampen your brush first when using Lacquer. Best to paint right over. I am going to use the same technique for my dark – drab cabinets. Thanks for following along with me on this project! Some will only add a tablespoon to the amount they will apply for the first coat. You are amazing, darlin! Good luck with your project! The reason…Pure White has no pigments and because of that it can be harder to work with and in my experience not bond as well. Bleed through can sometimes happen over certain species of wood when sealing with Annie Sloan Lacquer, particularly pine and oak. Nov. 21, 2020 from 1pm til 3pm. They could have toxic material in them. Before use, turn the container upside down for at least 1 to 2 hours since all the “good materials”  that may have sunk to the bottom can get well incorporated again to the top and well dispersed. Lacquer finishes are fast, easy and cheap. Seeing your mixture (island painted black) has given me the reassurance it would look fine. I paint doors, front and back but do not paint the insides of the skeletons. And initially- only walk on it in socks- NOT stilettos (high pointy heels) or hard soled shoes. Using Lacquer however, is NOT like using or applying paint. PACKAGING CHANGED in 2019. Painted kitchen cabinets are one of the cheapest choices for altering the look of your kitchen. And in fact- we always send a thank you gift if we use your images and story. Simple. Also- since it is strong penetrating Lacquer…. Don’t forget to subscribe to get all the latest info delivered directly to your inbox and please check out my Facebook page. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on kitchen cabinets. Can’t wait to see the next phase. Thanks for your kind words! You’ll just have to stand back and see what you think after you get a couple of coats on. Chalk Paint On A Floor With Annie S Lacquer For Protection . Idea? I want to do the distressing & use the dark wax in the cracks since my cabinets are cherry shaker style BUT don’t want them to look like dirty crevices. You do not want to shake the can…..only stir it afterwards. (did I stress that enough?!). They look beautiful, Beth!!! Thanks a million for your time Can I paint over Chalk Paint® later if I change my mind about the color? Making sure the paint has completely dried or the piece you are working on – has also been in a place with minimal humidity or moisture is important. Annie’s lacquer cannot go over oil-based. Lacquer behaves differently than paint in regards to how you apply it and it is important to understand some specifics so we can help you be successful with your projects. MY LACQUER HAS A PINK, BLUE OR YELLOW TINT TO IT: All water-based clear coat products will be look milky or translucent while still wet. CLICK HERE to read more about specifics …but read this whole post first! I’d love to know how it went when you’re done. So, follow my directions that I provide to you when you purchase Lacquer from The Purple Painted Lady, Please allow me to quote Annie Sloan … ” I hate polyurethane with fierce and fiery passion. Also, this product should be stirred BEFORE AND  as well as during using it. I think I would take two weekends if I were you so I could take my time. Unfortunately, the only fix is to repaint. I am not sure what color they are. Or- if brushing it on…Annie’s 2 inch Paint Brush is great! I've seen a kitchen done with it very successfully, and it usually doesn't require sanding or a primer coat. DEC. 5, 2020 FROM 12PM TIL 3PM, Opening the Lids off Litres of Chalk Paint, When To Use Shellac: Water Stains, Wood Tannins Bleeding, Raw Wood (Video Link). Any tips to making it look as smooth as possible? We are here to help you, our customers! It is also resistant to alcohol spills and is very ring resistant; meaning it can tolerate hot cups. Can Chalk Paint® go over a previously crackled piece, HOW TO CLEAN YOUR PAINTED and WAXED CABINETS, Paint Your Fireplace, Mantle or Surround with Chalk Paint®, Chalk Paint® on a Pine Wood Floor With Annie’s Lacquer for Protection, Create a Custom Chalk Paint® Color? If they look clean and clear, then you’re ready to paint. For the first coat of the Lacquer application, adding 10% water to the Lacquer is advised, but if you are in a state or place that is extremely dry…for example, like Arizona or Utah, we can understand why you might need to add a bit more to adjust. Flip your container upside down and let it sit like that for a few hours, if possible. Technical information 1 litre is enough to cover approximately 13 square m (Read previous note and then)  You should apply one or two thin coats of shellac and then repaint and seal. I repainted my kitchen cabinets in ASCP at the same time I painted my island (Duck Egg) I used a mix of Old White/Pure White. Annie Sloan Lacquer - New Formula - Clear Gloss FOR INTERIOR & EXTERIOR USE! First and foremost- one thing I want to drill home is that if you OVER brush your Lacquer  especially with the MATTE Lacquer when applying – it will look bad! It's usually used for painting furniture (including lacquered furniture), but you might look into Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (with a coat of Annie Sloan wax on top). Shellac is meant for inside use only though. water to your Lacquer for the first coat. It is the penetrating characteristic which makes it so hard. Whether the paint is applied as a wash or applied solidly with a roller, this robust lacquer will seal it perfectly. I’d have to see it to really help but it sounds like your cabinets need a good sanding to smooth the paint down and then another coat of topcoat. CAN LACQUER GO OVER WAX? You can leave your  comments below. I wouldn’t use Pure White alone. If applied to heavy and thick, clouding will result. Oak Cabinets Finished In Graphite Chalk Paint Wit Chalk Paint It is also resistant to alcohol spills, which if using wax as a top coat- is not. You never get a head taking shortcuts! This is clear matte lacquer but there is a very slight sheen because we want to offer some strength. So thank you for the advice about varnish which I will try to get here in France. Please let me know. A matt water based varnish mainly for painted floors. MIXING A LITTLE CHALK PAINT® INTO YOUR LACQUER: Some will add a little of their “dark” colored Chalk Paint® with some of their Lacquer to tint it. Using Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax can have the same effect. This will only happen over wood cabinets or floors and not on every species of wood (mostly pine, oak, and mahogany). Love them! And if I do say so myself- we offer the BEST customer service that you will ever experience!Lastly- if I was helpful to you- ….please consider leaving a positive review on my Facebook business page sharing your positive experience or thoughts about The Purple Painted Lady. I have a dear friend that painted her kitchen cabinets in Annie Sloan Coco and they came out beautifully! So, you may want to consider doing a small test application with your wash and let it dry to determine the best concentration …or amount of paint in the wash so aesthetically, you still after you have applied your topcoat. We an an Official Annie Sloan Stockist Chalk Paint® Distributor. Lacquer CANNOT GO OVER WAX! I recommend this too if you have a wood floor. She used Annie Sloan’s Pure White for the top cabinets, and a 50/50 mix of Provence and Chateau Grey down below. I find that the Lacquer will often have a milky white-blue hue to it before using. Also, if it is a new unsealed pine/ oak floors – you will want to seal them with clear Zinsser Bullseye Clear Shellac OR if the floors are old with broken down poly… a thorough sanding may be needed and the two applications of Zinsser Bullseye Clear Shellac. Apply two THIN coats for areas of high traffic such as a hallway, stairs, or sitting room but only one for a bedroom for instance. Again, the Lacquer will slightly darken the paint beneath it. Ha! Painting Over Laminate with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint; Painted Kitchen Cabinets; Painted Linoleum Floor with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Lacquer. (just sharing this so you do not panic) No need to sand in between either! We want you to be successful! If you are doing a bathroom and have little boys, …or big boys who lack aim skills, make sure to have a carpet in front of your toilet bowl. I just painted my Pure White and am trying to decide on the lacquer or the wax. Next step matte finish poly topcoat. Hello and welcome to Farm Fresh Vintage Finds. Can you tell me – does yours have a yellow tint? Just can never beat old white. Hi, How long did this project take? water to your Lacquer for the first coat. The chemicals in Lacquers which make it such a durable, hard wearing finish for your floor have the unfortunate effect of pulling stains and spills through Chalk Paint® and to the top of the surface, where a yellowing effect can occur. Again- it is best to apply two thin coats rather than one thicker one. Thanks for your kind words. So my only concern is after doing all of that work how long will the paint job last and will it easily chip off of the cabinets ? I read on Annie’s website that you’re not to cover the wax w/ any type of sealer. FREE Shipping with orders over $75 (12-20-20 until 1-15-2021). I have painted my kitchen cabinets and many pieces of furniture with Annie Sloan chalk paint. So when I had another client contact me […], […] after finishing this I started several kitchen transformations. You won’t have to sand them down to the raw wood, just until you get them to the smoothness you’d like. Janet Metzger from The Empty Nest shows you how to protect your painted floorcloth with Annie Sloan water based floor lacquer. You have to cover with a gloss first. Lacquer is a strong penetrating varnish that “drills down” through the paint layers, giving the finish a lot of strength, but it can also pull out the tannins as it dries. Our kitchens typically take 4-5 business days and that’s with two people and spraying all doors and drawers. Thank you for all the tips. It is therefore crucial to apply Lacquer to all the tests to ensure no stains come through.• When they’re dry, check your test patches. abinets?? I was thinking of using AS floor lacquer as a final coating on my cabinets? I’ll post more pictures when they’re done. Remember to include a few details of your project, any tips/tricks that you like to do that help you, or even something you learned through the process that another person could benefit from! Better to stick with the original coating for both compatibility and matching sheen level. If you have little boy’s in your home – who do not have good aim…per say…. Hey, I JUST LOVE the job you have done on your kitchen, It is sooooooooo SUPER SWEET That love went from bi-monthly barn sales to a brick and mortar shop in my hometown, Fairview TN. When I get finished with a big project like this, and can stand back and see this, it makes all the hard work worth it. I read on another gal’s that she used the ASCPaint – then instead of the wax she used Polyurethane Floor Finish. Is this something I would be able to get done in a weekend? The one thing about the Annie Sloan is that I could not use the paint and then use a different brand, … You’re going to have to sand the entire surface down and redo the entire piece. . It should be applied in two thin coats for maximum protection in traffic areas. This lau. Apply the lacquer with a high quality sponge roller using a sponge brush to cut in at the edges. Home builders in Kansas City love putting lacquer finishes on custom kitchen cabinets. Message me if you, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, © Farm Fresh Vintage Finds LLC All Rights Reserved, Prepping for our monthly candle subscription.
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